I’ve been driving back and forth across the northeast states as the light lingers longer each day.

Last night I cheered on WICN‘s funding drive with a guest performance on Nick Noble‘s Folk Revival show.

The night before, I paddled a canoe under the clearest constellations.

Tonight, I head to Morristown, New Jersey to perform at The Minstrel. Tune in from anywhere in the world at 7:30pm ET on Concert Window.

The CDs have arrived. They are shiny and three-dimensional and there are hundreds of them.

And as much as I want to drop them all from the sky and into your hands (possibly while yelling “It’s finally done!!! AAAAAAAA!”), I’m keeping them in their little boxes for the moment.

You see, the CD now has an Official Release Date. And a strategy for how to get these songs to more ears and some extra support to help make it happen.

And while in the past I was always in a big rush to push out the finished product, out of excitement for the newness of it all, and exhaustion from the anticipation in the lead up, I’m trying a different approach this time. And it means hanging on to these sparkly discs until the release date on September 1, 2017.

If you were hoping to order a CD this summer, I hope you’ll stick with me until the CDs go on sale in September. I’m still taking preorders here, and those will come with a free pre-release MP3 download of Love in a Moving Van.

Thanks so much for your patience and support!

The Final Countdown

May 24, 2017

This new album is getting SO CLOSE! Take a peek at the album cover, featuring my paintings and Amy Campbell‘s design, as well as the track listing and lyrics on the Forest Fire page. I’ve been creating a bunch of new paintings and gearing up for June tour dates in the US Northeast. Looking forward […]

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The home stretch

May 10, 2017

I just hopped off a train in Toronto after singing my way home from Saskatoon. Thanks to all the wonderful big sky sailors who helped make the Saskatchewan tour happen. I love the ambition and innovation, you fearless presenters! Thanks for the great prairie hospitality. I’m listening to mastered tracks from Forest Fire and combing […]

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Pre-order the new album

April 16, 2017

My new album, Forest Fire, is now available for pre-order! Follow this link to purchase and be one of the first to receive a CD when the project is released in June. I’ll sign the CD and cover mailing costs for you! Order here: http://www.shawnacaspi.com/forest-fire-pre-orders/

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Oh me oh my oh

April 1, 2017

Every day on tour in Florida unlocked a new discovery – whether it was alligators or coquina rocks, palm leaves or parrots that hang out in public parks. Thanks to everyone who helped make that tour possible! April finds me in an out of the Midwest, starting with shows in Columbus, Ohio, and Noblesville, Indiana […]

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